Mountain Bike Ride

            On  Sunday , February 16, 2014 at 9:30 am We´ll go out for the “I ANGELMAN MOUNTAINBIKE RIDE” in order to raise funds for researching a cure and help improve the quality of life of families with an Angel, currently  MINOCYCLINE clinical trials are being done in Madrid in the “Puerta de Hierro” hospital and money raised is intended to fund these trials.

At Nine thirty the ” I ANGELMAN MOUNTAINBIKE RIDE” departs from the Old Alameda Gardens.We will pass through the old Town, visiting the former collegiate church and the Jewist quarter to go up to the Mount of the Bells , which gets its name from the rock caves on its summit , which have been sculpted by the wind with forms of  bells.Once we Reach the summit we take the “Cruz de Castro”  roundabout, where the “Fuxidos”( men who were against Franco’s ideas), were killed during the Spanish  civil war.


 Bells Cave                                                  Old Town

From here we will go down to face the  Arabelo’s Lands and  reach the Atrium of DARBO, we pass by the area of the Medieval market where bids were made and rest was given to the horses in the Ancient Medieval fair of Darbo.Today the stalls are used in the famous fair as stands where wine and food are sold to those attending the fair. We will see Darbo’s Church, entering through the priest’s lands which takes us directly to the Fountain of Darbo  and through the ancient stone paths of the town towards  the area of RIDER STONE and the source of Pontillon river.


Medieval Market.                                Stone Forest

Now we begin our descent into the enchanted forest where we can enjoy the impressive Hazel Forest, with its  aqueduct and its tiny charming castle of  the Earls of Aldan that takes us straight back into the Middle Ages  at the time when the aristocracy held their privileges. Once we  leave the enchanted forest we climb to contemplate the beautiful ALDAN bay, then reaching the beach of Vilarino .Already in  ” O HIO” county we pass by the area of Arneles, with its salting fish factory from Roman times whose remains are still well preserved.From here we  go to the area of Pintens and Vilanova , where You will enjoy the best views of the estuary of ALDAN river (The Bouzos river), and the stately old residence of the Earl, now in the hands of his widow and heirs.


Aqueduct and Castle


        Aldan Bay and Arneles Beach and Factory

    We prepare our climbing to Donon Mountain to get a breathtaking view of  Vigo Bay at the bottom and to enjoy the view of the Cassiterides (CIES ISLANDS) at the bottom of the estuary. Once at the top  we take the Couso way to behold the Ons Islands at the end of the horizon,  We continue the path úntil we reach  a dramatic view of the western most limit of the Morrazo Peninsula, on the Atlantic edge of Continental Europe with the Cies Islands on the rigth  and Ons at the left.


      We are already reaching our first goal, after 20 Kms  we are going to take a well deserved break at the foot of the Mountain , under the eye of the God “BEROBREO” and the Remains of the Village placed at the top of the Mountain, .We have come to enjoy  our rest  and our well earned solid and liquid refreshments .


                          Donon village, here we will take our rest.

Now our goal is to visit the two lighthouses  in cape  “Home” and Melide Beach with its impressive dunes.We then go up again enjoying the view of Beaches of Barra, Viño  and Nerga at our rigth , all within a protected area called the Atlantic Islands Park, with Vigo Bay and the Cies Islands always in the background; an unforgettable place.We are now returning to the village of Donon enjoying the charming and cheerfullness of its people, to again reach the mountaintop and ride down parallel to the so-called Roman road , which existed long before the arrival of the Romans and was pilgrimage path followed by the workshippers of Berobreo, who used to take the Aras ,(carved stones with requests) to the summit of the mountain.Later the paths were used by residents of HIO to go with the bullock carts to their farms .


                                 Home Cabe and Melide Beach


                         Barra Beach and Berobreo´s Santuary

             We ride down towards the Iglesario (Hio Church) , passing through the “Cat Slab” to get to the Village of Limens. Later we reach the small chapel called Santa Marta, close to the beach which takes its name, entering again the parish of Darbo , facing the sea caves called “Furnas” which the sea has carved deep into the earth, passing between water mills built at the mouth of the Pontillon river Afterwards we Will arrive at the Tunnel of Areamilla , that goes through the Mountain and leaves us around the area of Masso , with its lake which is the nesting área for ducks and a great diversity of birds, passing through the Factory where the anchovies used to be salted, the old whaling plant , with Chinatown,  where Chinese  and Japanese workers used to live, and finally to the ruins of the Factory of MASSO .


Furnas Cave


         Areamilla Tunnel and Old salting Factory in the Chinatown.

We will reach the Old Alameda Gardens of Cangas again after 35 Kms through the Mountains. We hope by then you will have enjoyed the jorney.

           We remind all participants that the mountainbike ride has a cost of 6 Eur and have to be paid in advance in the Account of La Caixa Number. ES16 2100 5735 5402 0011 6870

              If you don´t wish to take part in the Mountainbike ride you can colaborate with a Donation to the same Account number (Participant 000). You can collabarate  with the donation of  your old Mobile Phone too. We will collect all your mobile phones in the day of the event.

          All the money received will be donated to the current Minocycline Clinical Trials in the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Madrid.


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