Hiking trail

On February 16th we´ll gather round at the Old Alameda Gardens. At around 9:30 a.m. we will leave towards the former Masso Manufacturing Plant, which at the time was the engine of the economy of the town of Cangas , where we can observe the ancient chimney still well-preserved amongst the ruins of the Masso’ s coach house, hotel and daycare Center.We are now going forward to the zone of Cain and upon  reaching San Roque´s Chapel, we begin to ascend towards the Elephant’s peak, which gets its name from the rock that dominates the top and has strong resemblance to the animal. Once there you can enjoy the view of the entire town of Cangas and Rodeira Beach famous for its fairies and witches (Including the Remarkable Maria solina’s story,  who was burned in a fire in this beach accused of being a whitch, but the truth was that she went crazy after having lost all her family in a Turkish raid to loot the village)


Elephant’s Peak and San Roque Chapel


Masso Factory  and Masso Chimney

The walk goes down hill now towards the summit of the Bells Mountain which gets its name  from some caves  that  can be found at its peak and were carved by the wind in the form of bells. From here we face the petroglyph of the “floor slab” where an expert will tell us  its importance and meaning. This will be the first stop which prepare us to climbing   King’s Balcony, where we can enjoy  an awesome entertainment area enclosed a native forest that will direct us to Castel Mountain,


King’s Valcony and Petroglyph.

Castle Mountain

On the Slope of the Castle Mountain we will discover the buried Arabelo’ s castle with its three big towers, mentioned in Pedro Madruga’s papers in 1184 for the first time. On the other slope of the Castle we will find the Cave that is said to connect with the “Furnas” of Santa Marta(Sea Caves), where a lot people say that you can hear the sea inside. On top of the mountain, the remains of ancient settlement can still be found and you can enjoy one of the best views of  Vigo Bay.You can also see The Rande bridge, where the Famous Rande Battle took place.Several ship of the battle still remain in the bed of the sea perhaps still containing the Rande’s Treasure.This treasure has been quoted in Jules Verne Book,(Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea)and it has been searched for by people of many Nations and creeds without success.


Buried castle.

Once we have visited the Castle Mountain we  sharply descend to Rider Stone area where you can enjoy another very well maintained native forest and we will go through  the source of the River Pontillon to reach the Baralonga Mountain that used to be a garbage landfill area and has now been restored with special charm and with impresive views of  Cies Islands and Limen’s Dunes.There you can have a drink and a snack enjoying the views.


Rider Stone Forest  and  Baralonga Area

After a well deserved rest we will be led towards the first settlement of the Morrazo area, The walled Village of Darbo in the Arabelo meadows, whose only remains are the ancient stone paths that surrounded the Asen which are now mistakenly refered to as Roman roads.We will then walk through Darbo’s Fountain and then again into the old stone paths  passing through the remains of the old walls of the Vilage arriving in the Sierra Poniente Place and taking the path of San Roque’s chapel with its impressive views. After that we go down to visit the water table and  see the remains of the old shacks of Fireworks that once were destroyed by an explosion.


Darabelo´s Paths and Walls

Eventually we will arrive to the old Alameda Gardens in Cangas to join all the participants in the Angelman’s Mountainbike March.

We remind all participants they can collaborate with the cause with a donation in La Caixa’s account number ES16 2100 5735 5402 0011 6870 .

We hope that  research for treatment can improve our lives


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